General was born in 2005 from the idea of two young aviation lovers and enthusiasts. Their plan was to create a Web Portal, community style, where they could gather all of the colombian aeronautical industry sectors: commercial aviation, virtual aviation, general aviation, military aviation, history, hobby, news, among others.  Since then, has had great growth in Colombia, becoming one of the most recognized websites about aviation and travel.  Nowadays, the website is run and managed by professionals in the aviation industry, including pilots and aviation specialized journalists.

Our Staff

Andrés Ramírez - Co-founder, commercial pilot, aviation photographer and enthusiast.  He has lived in 4 different countries and three different continents, and visited more than 30 (hopefully more in the future), always pursuing aviation related objectives and learning about aviation and travel as much as he can doing it, he enjoys trying different airlines, airports and airplanes.  Some of his pictures have appeared in aviation magazines around the world, Scramble and Avión Revue, Airline Magazine and on various books on aviation related matters from different publishers.  He was the colombian correspondent for FLAP Magazine from Brazil until 2013, having written articles and published pictures there.

Pablo Andrés Ortega Ch. - Co-founder, commercial pilot (currently flying the Boeing 787 as first officer for a major colombian carrier), aviation photographer and enthusiast.  He has lived abroad and is also very skilled in technical matters on website maintenance and systems administration, also pursuing commercial interests in this field.  Some of his pictures have appeared on magazines such as Avión Revue and on books as well.

Javier Franco - Journalist, has worked as correspondent and aviation photographer since 2006.  He was written articles for several magazines around the world including Scramble, Flieger Revue, Avion Revue, AeroERMO, Revista Aeronáutica, among others.  He has held correspondent work with the Colombian Air Force, and has covered events for in Panama, USA, Chile, France and other countries.  He keeps continuously updated on his trade, assisting to seminars and workshops held by journalistic guilds in Colombia and by airlines such as LAN.

Nicolás Sánchez - Network marketing and commercial consultant.  He has worked for more than 6 years in the well being and health sectors with a japanese multinational.  He brings all this experience and his love and fascination with the aviation and travel industries to help reach a new level on the commercial dealings with other entities and individuals which may make good use of the services and information we have to offer.

Colombian aeronautical tradition is extensive and rich in contents, being the oldest and one of the most consolidated ones in Latin America. It is also one of the oldest in the world. Aviation has been part of Colombia’s development and growth since 1919, making it part of Colombian people's history and lives since very early in the past century and creating a strong relationship between the colombian people and aviation in all its manifestations, that’s why they say that Colombian went straight from the mule to the airplane!

Our commitment and Services’s main purpose is to provide the aviation community, in Colombia and the world, with a Web site to find information, aviation related content and media, keep up to date with the latest matters in regards to aviation, help others, share and learn. is a Web site for everyone: pilots, air traffic controllers, flight attendants, aircraft mechanics, businessmen and entrepreneurs, developers, engineers, enthusiasts, students; in summary, everyone, related or not to aviation, with the fascination with flight in their blood.

At we are comitted to our community , making our best to keep them informed and up to date with the latest developments of the aviation industry and providing useful content and media. In we are committed to deliver a quality service, making our website an ideal place to share information, content, media, and, mainly, to enjoy aviation.

In 2015 we celebrated 10 years of continuous presence on the Internet, consolidating our position as one of the most important and recognized Aviation websites in Colombia and one of the most important ones in the region, being preferred by many users and the community.

If you are a company or an individual with a service to offer or goods to sell related to the aviation and travel industries whether you have presence in Colombia and Latin America already or you are trying to open the market, we are the perfect platform for your advertising and information conveying needs. in Numbers

During 2015, our website had more than 542.000 unique visitors, with more than 1’438.000 page views, from users all around the world. Main visiting countries include: Colombia, United States, Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, México, Ecuador, among many others.

On average, we get more than 45.000 visitors a month, with more than 119.000 page views, which allows us to say we are one of the most recognized and visited aviation websites in Colombia.

Together with our forums (discussion boards), Aviacol. net has more than 4.200 registered users, more than 3.000 content articles published, more than 2.200 discussions in our forums, with more than 50.000 messages, and a continuously growing community, not only in users but also in content and recognition. Consolidated has been able to consolidate its position, after more than 10 years of operation and continuous presence on the Internet, as an important aviation reference in Colombia and the region, and as an independent media outlet with the highest reach in aviation related content in the country.

Throughout the years, we have been invited to important events for the aeronautical industry, locally and internationally, and have forged trust relationships with the main players of the nation's aeronautical industry, including authorities, airlines, regulatory agencies, companies, and other institutions. has made presence in the main aviation landmarks during the past years and our commitment is to keep the hard work to provide our community with pertinent, relevant, up to date, and accurate information.

Why one of the most important?

During the last years we have been part of these important events, some of which we have participated exclusively as the only colombian media invited. This is thanks to the professionalism the industry sees in our work and the trust we have been able to generate during our more than 10 years trajectory.


  • Armenia Airshow (2009).
  • Delivery of Avianca’s  Airbus fleet (A330 - A320).
  • Delivery of Tampa Cargo’s first A330 freighter.
  • Avianca's new brand and image presentation.
  • Coverage of all versions of F-AIR in Rionegro.
  • Seminars and events organized by ATAC.
  • Events organized by OPAIN.
  • Events organized by Aerocivil.
  • Events and press conferences organized by major national and international carriers: Avianca, LAN Colombia, Copa Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Interjet, Aeromexico.


  • Invitation by Airbus to visit their factory in Toulouse, France. (2015 - Exclusive invitation - Only Colombian media to assist.)
  • Invitation by LATAM Airlines (LAN - TAM) to LATAM Legacy “Legado LATAM” event, held in Santiago de Chile and Sao Paulo. (2015 - Exclusive invitation - Only Colombian media to assist).
  • Invitation by LAN Airlines to their cargo distribution center in Miami, FL, USA. (2015)
  • Invitation by Gulf Coast Avionics to Sun N Fun International Fly-in and Expo in Lakeland, FL, USA. (2014)
  • Invitation by Ecuador Aviation Photography and New Mariscal Sucre Airport to UIO Spotting event 2 in Quito, Ecuador. (2016 - Exclusive invitation - Only Colombian media to assist.)
  • Invitation by Mexico Air Spotters to different spotting events in Mexico City. (2013 - 2014)
  • FIDAE versions 2012, 2014 and 2016.
  • TAM Airbus 350 presentation flight from Sao Paulo to Manaus. (2015 - Exclusive invitation - Only Colombian media to assist.) looking forward

As we enter our second decade, we are looking forward to continue to build on this legacy and making even better by improving and enhancing the user experience, leaning our design improving our processes .  

On top on that, we are going to expand our offer of services and goods, while broadening our scope to include not only Colombia-focused information, but to have locally pertinent information on other countries, as well as having presence in English so people from all over the world that do not speak Spanish can access our wealth of interesting historic and current articles, both written in the past and to be written.

Never leaving aviation, we will also provide insights on the world of travel and tourism, now enticing not only those inclined to aviation and its inner workings, but also those with an interest on the whole experience of going places and getting to know the world, and not only the way the trip is done.

With renewed energy and a well rounded team, we look forward to fulfilling all this and continue to be the choice of even more people.

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Modelo a Escala Avianca Boeing 767-300 1:400 Gemini Jets

Modelo a Escala Avianca Boeing 767-300 1:400 Gemini Jets

 Modelo a escala de un Boeing 767-300 de Avianca.    Avi..


Foto o Retablo Cabina Boeing 787 Dreamliner Avianca N782AV Parqueado en Cartagena

Foto o Retablo Cabina Boeing 787 Dreamliner Avianca N782AV Parqueado en Cartagena

Foto / Retablo de Colección - Ideal para decoración del hogar..


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